React Roadmap

A roadmap to becoming react developer from scratch for free for complete beginners to web development.

The courses listed below are my personal preference and have experienced myself. There are other great series available on YouTube, but these courses listed below are something that would be my personal recommendation to beginners.

Now. let’s see the list of series to be followed in order.

Step 1: Learn Git & GitHub
Step 2: Learn HTML
Step 3: Learn CSS, Bootstrap & SCSS
Step 4: Learn Javascript
Step 5: Learn React
Step 6: Learn Redux
// 🏆 Congratulations, you are now a React…

These are a few of the important takeaways from Kyle Simpson’s YDKJS — UP & GOING book series.

  • The JavaScript you know right now is probably parts handed down to you by others who’ve been burned by incomplete understanding. That JavaScript is but a shadow of the true language. You don’t really know JavaScript, yet, but if you dig into this series, you will. Read on, my friends. JavaScript awaits you.
  • It’s typically asserted that JavaScript is interpreted because your JavaScript source code is processed each time it’s run. But that’s not entirely accurate. …

TLDR; This article focuses on my recent transition to the Senior SE role, my experience & learnings from that transition which I am sharing so that this might come in help to someone out there looking for it.

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Akshay Saini, you must have heard of him. If not, short intro: He is the creator of Namaste Javascript. Now YOU recalled? No? Then go and check out at least one video from the series. I am sure, you will never forget him. …


hey reader, 👋

🚀 lately me and my friend Mihir were working together on fastify-typescript-generator which we released last week on node package manager.

🤔 what is fastify and why fastify?
fastify is a webframework highly focused on speed and low overhead. it is inspired by expressjs and hapi, it is one of the fastest web frameworks in town. Using fastify can increase your throughput by up to 100%.

fastify-typescript-generator, ehh… what?
It creates a new fastify application as a starter boilerplate similar to the fastify-cli module. except this new application is configured to use typeScript instead of plain javascript…

Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash

If you are a total beginner to web development and thinking to dive deep into web development then you are at the right place. I am damn sure at the end of this article you will be having a clear picture of Where to Start, What to study, and How to study.

If you already have some exposure to web development then I will recommend you to visit It contains a detailed analysis of stacks to become a web developer. Also, you can read about my Story of Transition to the Senior SE role

Before diving into where…

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