fastify typescript generator: a generator to bootstrap fastify server with typescript


hey reader, 👋

🚀 lately me and my friend Mihir were working together on fastify-typescript-generator which we released last week on node package manager.

🤔 what is fastify and why fastify?
fastify is a webframework highly focused on speed and low overhead. it is inspired by expressjs and hapi, it is one of the fastest web frameworks in town. Using fastify can increase your throughput by up to 100%.

fastify-typescript-generator, ehh… what?
It creates a new fastify application as a starter boilerplate similar to the fastify-cli module. except this new application is configured to use typeScript instead of plain javascript and provides various options such as, kind of project structure to use with focus on plugin structure for fastify developers and express structure for express developers, it also provides options for typeorm or mongoose.

v0.1.9 is active with an interactive CLI and options to choose from while creating a template server, it has started gaining popularity with 600+ weekly download.

✨future planned features
* a command-based operation
* templates with #docker support (Dockerfile and docker-compose)
* a view engine support and much more.

👨‍💻 This is the first of many upcoming products from opendevs (an organization of two motivated developers (@alok722, @MiKr13) building open source enterprise-level software to contribute to the community.

more details below,



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